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Friday, February 12, 2010

Where do you get supplements?

I get asked this question alot. I shop around and try to get the best deal on items that I can. Some like Super-Nu Thera by Kirkmanlabs is a little harder because it's not sold at to many places, but that doesn't mean you can't get a good deal on it. Sign up for the company email, most companies email coupon codes and sales. When I order, unless it's the first time and we are trying a new supplement, I usually order at least 3 months worth. Ordering multiples usually helps you save on shipping. The following are places that I've been using:
Kirkmanlabs sign up for the email news letter. They send out a monthly newsletter and most times it has coupon codes in it. We get Super-Nu Thera and probiotics from them.
Drugstore (I also use shopathome to order thru and you get cash back from your purchase) This site does it's own rewards points on your purchases.

luckyvitamin we get alot of different organic products from this site. This is also where we get the Nordic Naturals Children's DHA. They give discounts when you buy more of the product and they have their own rewards point system.

GNC I usually go in the store to buy his liquid form of an amino acid.

We also get probiotics and liquid B-6 from his doctor's office, you can order online here.

Our Kids :We haven't used this site yet, but they seem to have some good deals on shipping. They also carry a variety of brands.

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