Ways we save money to pay for our son's recovery.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Make free money for college!

Upromise is a program that offers coupons as a way for you to get free money for your kids college, school books, or even pay off your own school debt. Sign up here, It will tell you what stores in your area participate in the program. For me it's Kroger and CVS. Add your store rewards cards like Kroger cards and CVS cards. You can even add credit cards and family member cards. I added my moms CVS card. Then you can load the coupons to your cards (I always select all of them, you never know what you may purchase)You don't have to cut them out they load up to all the cards you put onto your account. They don't work like regular coupons, you don't get that price off your product that you are purchasing, the amount of the coupon is credited to your account after you purchase the item. You can go ahead and use your regular coupons this doesn't affect them. You can sign up for their restaurant saving plan and also buying things online! It's just a small way to earn free money to pay off your school debt or save for your child's future.

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