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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make money online: Inbox Dollars

I've been using Inbox Dollars for a little over a month and I've got $8.90 in my account so far. You go HERE, sign up and you get a $5 sign up bonus! They send you emails and surveys daily. All you have to do on the emails is just click to confirm them and they take you to the company's site (the company the email is about) sometimes you have to confirm it again once you to the company site, you do not have to sign up or take the offer that is in the email you just have to confirm you read it! You get about $0.02 per email. They also send out a few surveys, I've done 4 so far and have made $1.50 from that. 3 of those surveys are the ones in your profile, so everyone can do them right away. When you reach $30 you can cash out. So it's not a get rich quick thing but it's really easy and every little bit helps!!

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