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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Making money online: Sendearnings

Sendearnings is another site were you get paid for reading emails and taking surveys. Just like with Inboxdollars you will recieve a $5 sign up bonus. I joined on Janurary 2, 2010 and I've taken 3 surveys (they were the profile surveys you can take when you sign up) for a total of $1. I've clicked on 72 emails for a total of $1.44. My grand total so far is $7.44. When you get up to $30 you can cash out. It's really easy to just click emails and confirm you read them. Just make sure after they send you to the companies website after you confirm in the email to check and see if you need to click and confirm it on the companies site also. You do not have to sign up or take the offers that are being advertised in the emails. You can sign up here!

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