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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free webinar: Autism, Literacy and communication- A case study

DynaVox Mayer-Johnson the makers of Boardmaker (which I used to make my sons picture communication books) is offering a few free online training courses. Go HERE to sign up! The following is what the website says:

Autism, Literacy and Communication - A Case Study
Mar 30, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Description: In the world of Autism theories abound with very little research directed toward learning; learning of literacy skills, learning of communication utilizing AAC and the connection between the two. This webinar will explore the connection between autism, literacy and communication. A case study will be presented to highlight the various strategies, research evidence and practice of teaching nonverbal children with autism to read and communicate across a variety of functions. The concept of Literacy as a learning strategy versus just a skill set will be developed with examples from the case study. Participants will be asked to read an article written by the webinar host to set the stage for this webinar.

Participants will understand the connections between autism, literacy development and communication.

Participants will walk away with new strategies for moving nonverbal children with autism through the development of literacy skills.

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