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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doughnut holes...kinda

Aiden's preschool class was having doughnuts with dads, where all the dads come eat doughnuts for breakfast. We found out it was going to be doughnuts holes instead so we had to come up with something fast. I got a bag of Bob's Red Mill pancake mix out and prepared it as the instructions say (but I used Dari-Free milk). We then boiled some sunflower oil and dropped (very carefully!) little spoonfuls of the pancake mix into the oil. They don't take long at all, about 15-20 seconds, just till they get good and brown. We pulled them out and directly put some powdered sugar on them before the oil dried. They were so yummy!! They tasted like funnel cake!! They are better eaten right away, not so good the next day.

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